Monday Missive Spring~Energy!

by Christine Roberts | May 15, 2017

It is time to dance using our Energy!  We all come prewired with an Energy Coordination Pattern that has a major influence on our lives and our ability to relate and connect with one another.  In the 1950's Jennifer Rothbone, a Kinesiologist, got intrigued with how the brain acts on muscle fibers when they fire and discovered four distinct patterns. She found a pattern that was very direct with a strong impulse - the Thruster Pattern.  She discovered another direct pattern that was less forceful, the Shaper (the thinker) Pattern.  And the last two are indirect and more social and inventive, the Swinger and Hanger. 

Expanding your child's potential when their brain is developing at its fastest rate is boosted with intentional activities that stretch them into new ways of moving and thinking.  For example, if you are raising a shaper who likes to know right from wrong, seeks to be correct and wants to know what is coming next, it is a stretch for them to go with the flow, be relaxed and open to others.  So we develop the skill using movement - the body changes the brain!  We will have fun playing with these four patterns swinging, hanging, shaping and thrusting.  Building a whole brain takes working with our bodies in a variety of different ways.  This concept is very enlivening and will leave everyone feeling energized!

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