Five Key Statements

  1. Movement is the gateway for learning during the first four years of life because sensorimotor and social development precede language and logic skills.              
  2. The Nurturing Pathways® Program is derived from scientific research on the brain-body connection.

  1. The Nurturing Pathways® curriculum targets age- appropriate learning and growth encompassing cognitive, physical, sensory, and social-emotional development as well as parent education.

  1. The Nurturing Pathways® curriculum is built upon the “Four Legs for Learning:” bonding and attachment, dance concepts, energy coordination patterns, and sensory pathways.  These pillars support the fact that young children need to move to learn and play to grow.

  1. Nurturing Pathways® offers creative dance classes for families, parent education workshops, educators’ workshops, training and certification for instructors, and a line of Creative Play Products™.