Why Touch Matters

by Christine Roberts | Aug 14, 2018

Touch is healing, comforting, and gives your little one health, emotional wealth and happiness~

I just enjoyed an Infant Massage training that offered a wealth of information on why we want to join in the relaxing ritual of loving touch with our young children.  Touch calms our nervous systems, it communicates love nonverbally and opens your child to the wonders of being alive and all there is to enjoy in this world.  It forms that circle of security between you and your baby or child that is the strongest bond on earth - that of parent and child.  Touch is interactive, helping you to better understand your baby and child, attuning to their needs.  It releases emotional and physical tension and improves their ability to calm themselves.  In addition to all of that, it stimulates brain growth and brain maturation.  Enjoy loving touch every day in a calm relaxed space that allows everyone to slow down and take in each other with love and understanding.  We transform the world by transforming ourselves~