Monday Missive Energy

by Christine Roberts | Feb 10, 2020

Hi Families,
Happy Monday!  This week we will have fun with ENERGY!  We are going to play with Swing, Hang, Thrust and Shape.  These movement patterns were researched back in the 1950's by Kinesiologist, Dr. Jennifer Rothbone. 
What we have learned is the brain body connection is expressed by the way we move.  Swingers for example move with ease and feel comfortable connecting with a wide variety of people.  They are great at making friends and connecting people to one another.  To get into this pattern we swing, turn and sway.
Shapers on the other hand, have a very vertical orientation to space and prefer to keep their head in vertical because they think first, then act.  Swinging and letting of their head is uncomfortable.  They feel safe when they know what is expected of them and what the rules are.  And they like to be on time.
If you are raising a Hanger, good luck getting anywhere on time!  Hangers are just that - they like space, play, and uninterrupted time to create and come up with new ideas.  They like alone time and a few friends to connect with deeply.  We move like a Hanger when we relax, fall and roll and move without a known plan - spontaneously.
Lastly, we have our Thrusters who make things happen.  They naturally have more muscle tension and thrive on doing.  They like chores and feel happy when they are contributing. We move like a thruster when we chug, march and kick.

So in this brief overview you can see that the different Energy Coordination Patterns make for a unique parenting journey for everyone.