Monday Missive Fall Body Parts~

by Christine Roberts | Oct 07, 2019

Come join the fun this week exploring body parts and the many ways they can move.  We will wiggle fingers, shake a leg, swing arms, twist hips, bend knees, etc.  The possibilities are endless and that builds your child's creative capacities when they engage in independent play. Just like language, your baby or child can't speak a word they haven't heard and they need that same exposure to all they ways they can move in order to expand their potential.
Its a rewarding experience to see them add new skills week by week.  All learning is built on prior experience and the more they are exposed to, the more they learn!~
The most important developmental task for your child, birth to 4, is developing sensory-motor skills and a secure attachment
When we put first things first then everything else follows like speech, play skills, problem-solving, etc.