monday Missive Fall Levels~

by Christine Roberts | Oct 08, 2018

This week we will have fun with Levels.  High, middle and low and off we go~!  This is a great opportunity to explore the vertical axis and integrate the three levels of the brain.  When we move on the low level, rolling, slithering and creeping the low brain is being stimulated.  When we crawl, dinosaur walk and crab walk we stimulate the mid-brain or emotional center and up high tip toes and high shapes and jumping stimulates the cortex or cognitive functions. 
In order to be a well-regulated, focused (low brain) emotionally expressive and able to find calm (mid-brain) as well as problem solve and be creative (high brain) all three layers need to be integrated! Whew - its amazing what your little one's brains are capable of doing~
So off we go to more developmental fun and function!