Monday Missive Relationships

by Christine Roberts | Mar 11, 2019

This is the week for RELATIONSHIPS! Such a fun concept to explore because the space around us is full of possibilities!  Relating to ourselves, others and props gives your little one a greater awareness of all the choices they have in play to explore their world.  For example objects can be under, over, between, around, through, near and far.  Body parts can be over and under, in front and behind, between and around simultaneously.  Not only is your baby and young child gaining an awareness of themselves, they are also developing a relationship to the space around them so they can navigate the world with confidence.  From playgrounds to school environments, strong spatial awareness is key for feeling secure in a variety of environments.

Looking Closer at the Lesson Plan...Why do we sing all those Nursery Rhymes in class? The Nursery rhymes are a potent combination of language, song and rhyme that glue the baby or child's attention, create bonds and enhance communication.  These are the building blocks for your child's emotional and intellectual development. Combined with the movement patterns your child is receiving a strong brain boost!