Monday Missive Spring Balance!

by Christine Roberts | May 14, 2018

Balance - being on or off balance is all about righting reflexes and equilibrium responses.  Managing falling with protective extension (putting your arms out to break the fall), holding ourselves in vertical and keeping our orientation in space, knowing when we are moving and when we are holding still - these and many more functions are the job of the Vestibular system. 

This is a critical system for success in exploring our environment in order to learn.  The Vestibular system is developing as long as the brain - from conception to age 21 years.  Your little one needs to move to learn!  This is the sensory motor system that allows them to do that.

We will have fun stimulating your little one's vestibular system in a variety of ways with balancing shapes, falling, balancing props, and lots of swinging, swaying and turning.  Its all about BALANCE~  The larger life metaphor holds true as well for your little one~ Balancing rest with play is vital for their development.