Monday Missive Spring Relationships~

by Christine Roberts | Jun 04, 2018

To celebrate how far we have come this spring we will explore
Relationships & Body Parts~
So many body parts to relate to!  The brain has three primary regions for sensing, feeling and moving.  They are next to each other in the brain because what your child senses informs them how to move.  The third area directs that movement into an intentional plan known as praxis.  When the messages get scrambled we see children having difficulty executing a motor plan. 
Relationships & Body Parts provides an excellent opportunity to practice purposeful movement that later becomes automatic for your baby or child. For example putting instruments over their head, between their legs and under their feet.  Or jumping in and out of the ring,  going around a prop, and getting under and through the tunnel.  Obstacle courses are full of relationships & motor planning~  "Practice makes permanent" So it is vital that the practice is well executed.  Here's to DANCE~ It provides a fantastic opportunity to create capable bodies and brains.