Monday Missive Winter Body Parts

by Christine Roberts | Feb 04, 2019

This week we will have fun with Body Parts~  There are so many!  We will wiggle, shake, twist, bend, swing and tap them!  Isolating body parts demands focus.  This concept works on self-control, the central skill for life long well-being.  When you dance with your baby or child and individuate each body part from the other the focus that requires is great for developing self-control.  When your child can master their motor control they can master their emotional control.  These things have to be taught and it is so fun to learn these things during playful fun motor-experiences. 

New Monday Missive Addition:  Taking Apart the Lesson Plan...why are the musical instruments so essential?  Musical instruments invite tactile touch, auditory discrimination, and open-ended hands on play.  Musical instruments combined with songs develops rhythm, the underlying principle for sequencing, counting, creating patterns and spatial intelligence (the ability to form mental pictures of things).