Monday Missive~Relationships!

by Christine Roberts | Mar 05, 2018

This week we will enjoy culminating our learning with Relationships.  We can relate to our body parts, props and each other.  The fun never ends with relationships!!!  We can be under, over, beside, between, through, around, near, far etc. with a prop or body part or one another.  This Concept is great for developing problem solving skills as your little one "thinks" their way through how to relate to the space around them.  This is a vital cognitive capacity.  What your child problem solves with their body transfers to cognitive problem solving: how to break down a task to build, create and understand their world.  The brain is built on demand~the more they use it the stronger the capacity to problem solve becomes!

We have enjoyed a jamming winter session of enriching movement experiences to better the body and brain of your little ones.  We hope to see you in the spring for our 10 week session April 3rd - June 9th.  You can pro-rate the session if you know you will miss three or more classes.  There will be no classes this summer.  The first sabbatical since opening Nurturing Pathways doors 17 years ago!