Spring Monday Missive Week 2

by Christine Roberts | Apr 10, 2018

This week we will be enjoying the Concept of Flow~ Free and Bound...moving with tight, bound muscles versus loose and letting it go muscles.  This contrast is so good for the nervous system.  Balance is found in moving from bound to free.  The nervous system responds to tension and release by feeling relaxed, happy and centered.  The more time your baby, waddler, toddler and Grad spend in this state the more even keeled and happy they will be.  Our physiology affects our sense of well-being.  This is the BEST concept to improve your baby or child's well being.  Take a moment at the end of class to notice how your baby or child is feeling and see their contentment and focus.

I love creative dance because it has the power and potential to bring the best out in all of us!

The Make-up policy for Nurturing Pathways is come when you can on any other day during the session you are registered for.  The Saturday Classes run 5 weeks May 12th- June 9th.  Please plan accordingly.