Nurturing Pathways® Creative Dance Classes

Development is a dance, infuse it with fun and learning~

Adults in One Word Describe Nurturing Pathways®:

Active Delightful Happy  Nice
Adorable Development Helpful Nurturing
Adventurous Dynamic High Energy Organized
Age Appropriate Educational Ideal Outstanding
Alive Encouraging Important Peaceful
All Encompassing Energetic Incredible Perfect
Amazing Engaging Indispensible Playful
Awesome Enriching Inspiring Rewarding
Brainfood Enthusiastic Gentle Safe
Beautiful Entertaining Intentional Social
Beneficial Excellent Interactive Solidifies
Bonding Exhilarating Interesting Soothing
Braintastic Explorative Invigorating  Special
Building Fabulous Involvement Stimulating
Busy Fantastic Learning Superb
Challenging Friends Lovely Teaching
Comprehensive Fun Magical Thought Provoking
Connecting Good Fun Meaningful Transformative
Creative  Good Idea Motivating Valuable
Terrific Growing Movement Wonderful
Brilliant Developmental Informative Sensational
Exquisite Joyful Enlightening


Nurturing Pathways® offers creative dance classes for a child's first four years when development is at its prime. The classes focus on movement, a child's first language, and enrich everything from motor coordination to music, language and social skills. The curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each stage of development from infancy through age four. 

All the classes involve dance explorations, musical instruments, rhyming exercises and sensory-rich props. You will learn about your child's development while you dance and enjoy the company of other parents.

Baby Dance Classes

Baby Infant Massage  3 mo to prewalking

Infant massage for newborns to pre-crawling is a wonderful gift you can give to you and your baby.  It is the best of both worlds in this peaceful class to learn massage strokes that calm, soothe and help your baby grow.  You will fall more deeply in love with your newborn and gain confidence parenting your newborn.

Baby Dance Classes

Baby Romp and Roll  crawling to prewalking

Romp and roll with other babies in a room full of fun and learn about your baby's development. It's a relaxed exploration of sensory motor activities and a 15 minute weekly topic to learn something new about your baby's development.  Free play, your own way!

Baby Dance Classes

Baby Dance Classes   3mo to prewalking

A unique class for you and your baby to explore creative dance.  45 minutes of stretching, stimulating, movement rich play.

Waddler Dance Classes

Waddler Dance Classes   walking to 24mo

A 50 minute class tailored to the attention span and motor capabilities of a young walker.  Your waddler will delight in learning new ways to use their body, balancing activities ...