Baby Infant Massage

Infant massage for newborns to pre-crawling is a wonderful gift you can give to you and your baby.  It is the best of both worlds in this peaceful class to learn massage strokes that calm, soothe and help your baby grow.  You will fall more deeply in love with your newborn and gain confidence parenting your newborn.  Massage has been proven to increase weight gain, improve sensory/motor development and improve your baby's self-regulation with greater calm, quiet alert and active states for learning.  The Infant Massage Book by Vimala McClure is included in the class.  Each week a new topic is explored related to your baby's growth and development.  Christine is a Certified Infant Massage Educator and Infant Developmental Movement Educator.  There is lots to learn about yourself and your new baby~ Come enjoy a gentle class and meet new parents like yourself!


Join this heart warming class for newborns to pre-crawlers

6 Week Session Oct. 18th - Nov 22nd, 2019

Only Available at Phinney Ridge

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