Nurturing Pathways® for Toddlers (24 Months up to 4 Years)


The bold age of 2 to 4 brings blossoming independence and the capacity to imitate in order to learn. The years of "synaptic exuberance" (Lise Eliot) are an essential time for fun, challenging dance activities. This hour long class will develop your child's expressive capabilities, improve their listening skills, foster their social skills, and develop their musicality. Great fun, music and movement! 

  • Foster your child's creativity exploring movement concepts
  • Learn to play a variety of musical instruments
  • Travel through obstacle courses
  • Enrich your toddler's development with fun and creative movement experiences

Have fun exploring dance concepts with props, instruments, navigating obstacle courses, and practicing new motor skills that will delight your child and lay the foundation for school readiness.

What Parents are Saying About Nurturing Pathways®

"Increased ability to delay gratification and to remember lengthy instruction are benefits I have witnessed in my child."

"A diversity of challenges that help give a chance for development draws me to NP."

Interested in joining a toddler dance class?

On-line registration is only available for Phinney Ridge classes. For all other locations please contact the individual instructor.

Fall Session Sept. 17th - Nov. 22nd, 2019   10 Weeks

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