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Why Nurturing Pathways Creative Dance Classes

Nurturing Pathways® is a rich resource for engaging workshops on numerous topics, Creative Play™ products, and a business opportunity to become a Certified Instructor teaching the Nurturing Pathways® curriculum for babies, waddlers and toddlers.

Christine offers a variety of topics and trains both regionally and nationally.  She is a Washington State MERIT Certified Trainer.

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ECE Workshops  


View a schedule and register for upcoming ECE Workshops. Don’t see a workshop near you?  Request a workshop in your community.

Digging Deeper Course  


Looking for answers to behavior and attention?  This one day course lays the foundation for sensory motor development and how to address the needs of young children to regulate their mind, emotions and movements.  This is a prerequisite course for Certification Program.

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Play Products  


Shop our collection of movement curriculums, sensory materials and music CD’s for your classroom that will keep your babies through preschoolers moving.

The Dendrite Dance

Breathe, Touch, Spin....

The Dendrite Dance highlights all the essential moves for a healthy childhood development. Dance With Me To Develop My Mind, Emotions and Motor Control. Purchase the Dendrite Dance Poster >