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Nurturing Pathways® builds strong bonds, brains and bodies.

The Nurturing Pathways®, Inc. Licensing Program is a eight day training taught by Christine Roberts. It qualifies you to teach The Nurturing Pathways® Creative Dance Program classes to Infants (3 months – pre-walking), Waddlers (walking to 24 months), and Toddlers (2 – 4 years). Trainee receives a 252 page training manual that includes the Program's curriculum, neurological research, and best teaching practices. 

A love for teaching young children and their caregivers, and an enthusiasm for dance, movement and play are essential for becoming a Nurturing Pathways® Instructor.

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Mandatory Certification Questionnaire


The Next Opportunity For Certification Is:

Aug. 5th - Aug. 13th 2019



"Life changing.  I feel as though I have found something I knew was missing.  As a kinesthetic learner, I have always suspected there as more here.  Christine puts everything into perspective-suddenly it all makes sense.  Working with the dendrite dance-If you are willing to go there; and observe the tensions you hold in your body, you will unlock the movement stories in your body.  Immerse yourself for 8 days-It will change you.  You will learn so much and it will compel your heart to take Christine and Nurturing Pathways with you always~"

About the Program

Certification with Nurturing Pathways® trains you to:

  • Build bonds between parent and child
  • Build bodies that are capable and confident
  • Build brains that are school-ready

Nurturing Pathways® Creative Dance Program is based on neurological principles regarding:

  • Movement’s central role in brain development
  • The importance of parent-child bonding

Nurturing Pathways® Creative Dance Program focuses on the progression of movement skills for babies, waddlers, and toddlers. It builds and refines the parent-child relationship through:

  • Expressive movement
  • Using Creative Play Products™
  • Communication skills

The Nurturing Pathways® Creative Dance Program includes a sequential progression of movement skills from birth through four, in a carefully laid out curriculum, with products to enrich the child’s entire sensory system. From early infancy the program works on building and refining expressive movement, play and communication skills in both the parent and child.


More Information:

Prerequisite Course: Digging Deeper

**The Digging Deeper Workshop is a prerequisite for the Nurturing Pathways® Certification Program**

The Digging Deeper Workshop is required prior to certification. The Digging Deeper Workshop lays a foundation for the program, covering the Four Legs for Learning ™ and the Six Building Blocks to Motor Development™. It is a one day Saturday workshop that is offered twice a year in Seattle.  It is also available by mail.

Visit Digging Deeper for more details and to register today!

Who is this Certification Program for?

  • Anyone who wishes to enrich the work they do with infants and toddlers.
  • Educators who enjoy working with young children in early childhood environments, private dance studios, health clubs and community centers.
  • Professionals with music, music therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy and sensory integration backgrounds.
  • Professionals who are a part of an early intervention program looking for fun and engaging ways to develop the body and brain.

Why would I choose Nurturing Pathways®, Inc.?

  • To become a leader in movement that enhances children’s early cognitive, social and physical development.
  • Acquire the expertise to teach an age appropriate curriculum that is based in science, creativity and play.
  • Become a part of the best early childhood creative dance program and receive on-going support for teaching from Christine Roberts and the Nurturing Pathways® team.

What are the Benefits of Certification?

  • You empower yourself to change the lives of families and understand why, what you are doing is so effective.
  • Nurturing Pathways®, Inc certifies that you are well-educated in teaching babies, waddlers, and toddlers and their parents and that you understand the tremendous benefits that can be achieved through movement and play during the first three years of life.
  • Facebook posts full of teaching tips, articles on development, lesson plan ideas, and current research.
  • Discount price on Creative Play Products start-up kit.
  • Order all Nurturing Pathways® Creative Play Products at vendor cost to use and resell as you wish. 
  • Listing on the nurturing¬ website, including your name, location, class schedule and website link.
  • Access to the secure instructor site with teachers forum, webinars, parent handout downloads and vendor ordering.
  • Half-price on all of Christine's Parent Seminars and workshops

What does the Certification cost?

    $1895.00 Training Fee Includes:

  • 8 Day Training With Christine Roberts
  • Welcome Packet

$ 285.00  Materials Fee Includes:

  • Nurturing Pathways®  252 Page Training Manual
  • Ten (10) Parent Packs
  • Nurturing Pathways® Creative Dance DVD

Total Tuition: $2180.00

$495.00 Creative Play Products™ Start-Up Kit: (Optional) 10% OFF Vendor Price
  • A collection of 14 Music CD’s
  • 6 Lycra Swings
  • 14 Nurturing Pathways® Posters
  • 6 Balls
  • 2 Bags of Cellophane

  • 2 Bags of Scarves
  • 2 Bags of Baby Paper™
  • 2 Bags of Ribbons
  • 6 Splendid Spandex
  • 1 Baby Music Maker
  • 1 Toddler Music Maker

Certification Training Dates & Details:

The Certification is held annually in Seattle, WA. License is renewable annually. 

The renewal fee is $185.00 due January 1st each year.

2019 Certification Details:

Day 1-6: Monday – Saturday 9am-4:30pm

Day 7-8: Monday - Tuesday 9am-4:30pm

Aug. 5th - Aug. 13th,  2019


1.  Do all NP classes include the involvement of a parent or caregiver?

All of the classes include parent/caregiver involvement.  NP classes are intended to create bonds, make friends, and develop motor skills.

2.  Do I need to be a teacher before certifying as a NP instructor?

  NO!  It is good to have some experience with early childhood education, but is not necessary.  This program will teach you new concepts you can use with your own children as well as with the children you teach.

3.  Will I earn hours of study? ( STARS/CLOCK HOURS)

Yes!  You will earn CLOCK Hours in the state of WA.

4.  Do you accept credit cards?

Yes- We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express

5.  Do you offer payment plans or scholarships?

We are happy to offer a payment plan to help you pay your Certification Fee & Materials Fee.

6.  What are the other possible expenses associated w/ training and certification?

  • Required reading materials which you can find at
  • Liability Insurance once you begin to hold your own classes
  • Lodging, Transportation, etc. to/from Seattle, WA.
  • Obstacle Course Materials

7.  Do I need liability insurance?

Yes- all Certified Instructors are required to have liability insurance while they are teaching classes.

8.  Can I get liability insurance through NP?

No, but we recommend using Venbrook Insurance Company-

9.  Is there an Early Bird Registration discount?

Yes - Annual emails with discounts.

10.  I’ll need lodging while attending the training, any recommendations?

Hotel Deca

4507 Brooklyn Ave NE, Seattle, Washington ‎ (206) 634-2000 ‎

Watertown Hotel Seattle

4242 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, (206) 826-4242 ‎

Hotel Ballard

5216 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA ‎ (206) 789-5012 ‎ Website where  you can rent rooms vs. a motel/hotel

11.  Can I train and certify through a correspondence or online course?

Unfortunately we do not offer certification online.  We require in person training to ensure great quality one-on-one training.

12.  What if I live abroad and I’m interested in Christine giving the training on location?

Please email us at

13.  Do a percentage of my class revenues get paid to NP?

NO!  All of the money you earn from teaching NP classes is yours to keep.  The only money you pay to NP is your Annual Dues of $165 to remain an "active" instructor.

14.  What is the Certification Process?           

  • Fill out Certification Questionnaire-available online
  • Pay $150 Certification Deposit
  • Complete Digging Deeper Workshop- in person or by mail (If doing the prerequisite by mail, complete the follow up questionnaire.)
  • Read required book, “The Well Balanced Child,” by Sally Goddard Blythe- Can be purchased on
  • Attend Certification
  • Enjoy being an NP Certified Instructor!
  • Plan to attend the September Annual Meeting in Seattle WA.

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