Digging Deeper on Children's Physical Development:

Move To Learn, Play To Grow


What Will You Learn?

  • Tools to close the achievement gap.
  • Why structured movement activities improve behavior, cognition and self-regulation.
  • The neuroscience on the body-mind connection.
  • Learn about Movement for the Mind.TM
  • Discover The Six Building Blocks for Motor Development.TM
  • Walk away with lesson plans for infants and preschoolers.

Why Will It Matter?

  • You will spend less time addressing behaviors
  • You will spend more time teaching 
  • Everyone will have more fun and less stress
  • Children will be ready for school            

Give yourself the gift of Digging Deeper and really understand whole brain/body learning and why it is so effective!

Problems You Will Avoid Applying What You Learn:            
  • Poor Eye-hand coordination
  • Confusion orienting themselves in space
  • Fidgeting/needing to move all the time
  • Sitting still and focusing
  • Short term memory function
  • Poor upper/lower body integration
  • Stooped posture
  • Misjudge the speed at which objects are approaching them        
  • Difficulty crossing their mid-line
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Undue effort and feelings of overwhelm  
  • Alert all the time
  • Dislike Change
  • Insecurity
  • Have poor balance and coordination
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Sensory Integration Issues
  • Vision and Hearing Problems
  • Behavior Challenges
  • Lack of confidence  

Digging Deeper Course Information: On-Site at  your Facility or Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association - Coordinate a Date with your Organization and Nurturing Pathways, Inc.

What to Expect the day of:

  • You will NOT have a Lunch break so bring energetic snacks to enjoy throughout the day
  • We will have two 15 minute breaks during the course of the training
  • Dress in exercise clothes & bring a bottle of water
  • There is water and a bathroom close by at Phinney Ridge

Class Fee Information

$225.00 for the day per person. P.O.'s accepted from organizations.

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