Parent Courses for Your Parenting Journey~

Making Sense of Social Emotional Development

Ever wonder what all those emotional moments mean in the life of your developing child and how to decipher what you should do to address their behavior? Abundant research has been conducted on your child's emotional development and how to coach them towards their own emotional mastery.  Whether you are a parent of a baby or a preschooler this course will help you understand the typical phases of emotional development and how to respond to their needs.  Deepen your connection with your child and stay calm under pressure. 

" Great collection of available information in a distilled format.  I like that we can take the 'gems' away!"

"I love thinking about the way I interact with her (giving choices, etc.) and how it helps her develop her sense of self and inner dialog."

"Good to have recommendations about how to do things differently and helped me to think about having identification of feelings and emotions to be part of our everyday life."

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Temperament, Learning Styles, Play Dates & Classmates: How They All Work Together

Discover how your child likes to learn and form friendships based on their learning style and temperament.  Gain a deeper understanding of your child that will help you have successful play dates and select preschool programs.  You will appreciate your child's unique make-up and how to support their success in any learning environment.  A rare opportunity to gain invaluable insights about you and your child.

" Informative and reaffirming  ( as a parent) insightful, easy to understand and presented so well it just makes sense!"

" I learned how my own temperament can shape how I relate to my kids and how to be more compassionate to my kids' needs."

" I am more confident and more curious about experimenting and observing."

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Cultivating Creativity and Why It Matters

Encouraging whole brain, whole body learning is part art and part science.  Discover 13 thinking skills used by creative thinkers for a lifetime of fulfillment and happiness.  Your child will flourish developing these skills and play will be enriched.  Helpful resources for toys, books and games that foster these thinking skills are provided with this course material.  Make your home a great place for a mind in the making!

"A basis for how to accomplish the most important things; our child's fulfillment and purpose."

" Very helpful and fun.  Found new ways to stimulate her senses and let her lead the way to creativity."

" Definitely inspires me to get down with the kids, let the house stay messy, encourage more drawn out play and take some more time to have more stimulation, open-ended items around."

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School Readiness: What Is It and How to Choose the Right School for You and Your Child

How can you find a program that will foster your child's love for learning?  Discover different curriculums and how to work with teachers to choose a program that is right for your family.  The early formative years leave a lasting impression.  This course will help you find a program where they can thrive!

"Extremely valuable for intitial parent preparation for choosing schools and relieving stress around it."

 " A great way to take an active part in your child's early education."

" Informative, great descriptions of different styles of learning and schools, super tips to begin thinking about, very important starting point."

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