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Christine Roberts


“...What an astounding, elegant program you have put together for parents and children. Everything is so well thought out and important
developmentally for babies, waddlers and toddlers. I have actually field tested your work and I will endorse it to everyone.”

Carla Hannaford
Author of Smart Moves, Why Learning is Not All in Your Head

Christine's Experience

Christine founded Nurturing Pathways®, a creative dance program providing comprehensive development for babies to four years. Her work is endorsed by Seattle pediatrician, Dr. Naomi Katz, biologist and educator, Dr. Carla Hannaford and Vaughnetta J. Barton, Executive Director of the Foundation for Early Learning.  Christine’s message that movement is the gateway for learning reaches over 1000 people annually. She has been a featured speaker with National Association for the Education of Young Children, National Head Start Association and ZEROTOTHREE National Training Institute. Christine consulted with Creative Curriculum to create and write 50 Mighty Minutes for Infants, Toddlers and Twos and ZEROTOTHREE to develop the first national online degree course, Mentoring Infant and Toddler Teacher Project for Head Start. Christine is an Infant Developmental Movement Educator through Body-Mind Centering® and Certifies Instructors in her Nurturing Pathways program annually.

The Nurturing Pathways ® focus on whole child development with structured creative dance movements supports the vision of the Foundation in preparing children and their parents for kindergarten. Babies, toddlers and their parents have shown positive results in nurturing the parent-child bonding and relationship. I recommend the experience for all families.
Vaughnetta J. Barton
Executive Director, Foundation for Early Learning

Professional Profile

  • Founder & CEO, Nurturing Pathways®, Inc 2001. Developed curriculum and certification program for training instructors. 94 certified teachers since 2004. Nurturing Pathways® Early Childhood Creative Dance classes are offered in Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Austrailia and US.
  • Direct and teach at the Nurturing Pathways®’ Studio, Seattle, WA serving on average 425 families annually 2007-present.
  • Created and authored 50 Mighty Minutes for Infants, Toddlers and Twos for Teaching Strategies, Creative Curriculum.2014.
  • WA State Office of Superintendents’ GRAD program educated teen parents on brain development and learning at 19 sites in WA.
  • Assisted writing the movement curriculum for the first on-line CDA course, Mentoring Infant and Toddler Teacher Project with ZeroToThree for Head Start. 2011.
  • Workshop presenter at NAEYC, NHSA, and ZEROTOTHREE. 
  • Passionately dedicated to best teaching practices derived from research to further the well-being and school success for all children.
 "Amazing trainer because Christine's passion for this topic shows!"


Key Qualifications

  • Keynote presentations for: Growing Kids Conference and Family Services Association, San Antonio, TX, North Idaho AEYC, South Regional Idaho AEYC, Olympic Peninsula AEYC, Manitoba Childcare Association, and Maryland Child Care Association, 2012-2015.
  • Seven years training regional Early Head Start Associations in WA, TX, ID, OR. 2008-2015.
  • Five years presenting pre-conference/breakout sessiona at National Association for the Education of Young Children. 2008-2012.
  • Five years of regional Librarian trainings in WA State; movement in story time. 2009-2014.
  • Four years presenting workshops at Regional and National Head Start Association.
  • Three years presenting at Young Child Expo, New York.
  • Three years training ECE in New York City and Poughkeepsie, NY.
"I like all the materials she provides.  Great information!  Christine thank you for this powerful workshop."
“Christine is refreshing, knowledgeable, and has a depth of understanding about children’s development.”
Anonymous Parent, 2013

Presenter Skills

  • Fourteen years of experience training early childhood educators nationwide on sensory motor development, sensory processing, social emotional development, and cultivating creative thinking skills.
  • Ten years of experience training/certifying adults in the Nurturing Pathways® Curriculum. Eight day training on research, curriculum, and best practices.
  • Six years of experience educating parents on Social Emotional Development, School Readiness, Temperaments and Learning Styles, Language Development, and Cultivating Creative Thinking Skills.
  • Thirty years of experience teaching creative dance to all ages.
"More people need to hear this message, consider a keynote."

Academic  Background

Christine completed a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Minor in History at Connecticut College, New London, CT.

Certifications & Institutes

  • Body-Mind Centering® Infant Developmental Movement Educator; NC 2015
  • The Ever Changing Brain; Seattle, WA
  • Brendan Buchard Expert Business Academy; Palo Alto, CA
  • Eric Jensen; Learning Brain Expo; San Antonio, TX
  • Bill Evans Dance Intensive for Teachers; Port Townsend, WA
  • Anne Gilbert; Advanced Dance Institute for Teachers; Seattle, WA

Here is a recent interview with Christine and Clint Salter.