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The Parent Pack is a collection of materials that will enrich your understanding of movement's impact on brain growth and give  you movement materials for home.

The Nurturing Pathways Parent Pack includes four essential learning tools to help parents understand how movement impacts brain growth and development. The Parent Pack consists of: Growing From the Ground Up book; On the Move book; Nursery Rhymes and Chants book; and the Dancing Feet CD.


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Growing From the Ground Up

This booklet explains movements' effect on brain development and what you can do to encourage movement in your home environment.

On the Move

The Zero to Three Organization published this to explain the value of structured dance activities.

Dancing Feet

The collection of creative dance music on Dancing Feet will no doubt get your whole family dancing!

Nursery Rhymes and Chants

This book is a full illustrated guide to the exercises used in the Nurturing Pathways® program for Infants, Babies, Waddlers and Toddlers. Enrich your home activities with these exercises, while you sing along to the CD included in the back of the booklet.

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