Music for Creative Dance Volume 1


Musical selections to delight a rhythmical response in any child!

A variety of instrumental melodies, tempos and rhythms are included on the CD. A booklet of Creative Dance ideas by Anne Green Gilbert, Director of Creative Dance Center is also included. See more details below


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  1. All In One: 2 contrasting melodies
  2. Fiddlers Three: continuous music in 3/4 time.
  3. The Add-on Machine: brief motifs entering in succession & accelerating.
  4. Lucky Staff: free flow changing into bound flow.
  5. Echo Lady Who: echo song with each section decreasing in length.
  6. Chirpa Chirpa: folk melody with drum breaks of increasing length.
  7. Skippy: music for skipping, galloping, sliding; second half speeds up.
  8. Adagio for 2 Violins: slow continuous music in 4/4 time.
  9. Western East: 2 contrasting melodies changing in speed.
  10. Jammin' on the Porch: continuous music in 4/4 time.


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