Making Sense of Social Emotional Development~PDF Handout


Ever wonder what all those emotional moments mean in the life of your developing child and how to decipher what you should do to address their behavior? Abundant research has been conducted on your child's emotional development and how to coach them towards their own emotional mastery. Whether you are a parent of a baby or a preschooler this workshop will help you understand the typical phases of emotional development and how to respond to their needs. Deepen your connection with your child and stay calm under pressure. 


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"Great collection of available information in a distilled format.  I like that we can take the 'gems' away!"

"I love thinking about the way I interact with her (giving choices, etc.) and how it helps her develop her sense of self and inner dialog."

"Good to have recommendations about how to do things differently and helped me to think about having identification of feelings and emotions to be part of our everyday life."

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