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" Extremely valuable for initial parent preparation for choosing schools and relieving stress around it."

" It's fun and very educational, especially for parents!"

" I've definitely been exposed to a greater depth of my daughter's development and that makes me feel even more attuned to her and her needs.

" Sign up! It's wonderful play time with your baby but with so much added benefit for you and your little one. It's the smart thing to do and to invest money in."

" I like how instruction on brain development is woven painlessly into the class activities."

" He is far more aware of sensory experiences, he is now responding to noise, movement, other babies, etc."

" How great music and dancing are for our health."

" Great way to do things with your baby that you wouldn't think of yourself. Fun, educational and active class that is a great part of the weekly routine."

" A really enjoyable and fun experience together with dancing, music and lots of fabulous movement activities."

" Great! Lots of learning happening. Great energy from the instructor. Highly recommend because of the amazing interconnections between mind/body-but also fun."

" Language and movement has skyrocketed."

" Great for socialization, coordination motor skills, social skills and language."

" If you have a Waddler it's the best class for them."

" Fun! For both parents and kids!"

" Nurturing Pathways® has been valuable to my child's development. It has helped her focus, independent play, and communication skills."

" I would recommend the class to a friend, because classes are well organized, children learn body movements and language use at the same time, and a lot of fun music and dancing."

" The ability to take what we learned in class and do it at home together has provided so much fun for us outside class."

" We tell our friends all the time to join- so different than any other classes we've taken. High energy level, and smooth transitions which keeps all the kiddos entertained!

" This class is critical for all your child's development physically, socially and emotionally. It's one of the best things we did for her."

" Nurturing Pathways® is such a wonderful program to get kids active and help them learn."

" It's wonderful- and a bonding experience with your child."

" Great for brain development and physical activity. Very worth it."

" It's just so much fun for both parent and child-amazing learning about babies growth on all levels."

" A fun class that will enhance child's physical capabilities and mental preparation for learning."

" Join, Join, Join!"

"It's just so much fun for both parent and child- amazing learning about babies growth on all levels."

"Nurturing Pathways® has been invaluable to my child's development. It has helped her focus, independent play, and communication skills."

" This class framed my whole idea of parenting."

I first learned about Nurturing Pathways when I was leading a PEPs group a few years ago

"Lots of great ideas for additional movement activities we can add to our play."

"I love the info about why we do certain activities. It helps to understand their ( my kids) bodies and how we can help them grow with confidence. It also gives ideas of things to do with them out of class."

"Great time to learn and build trust or a bond with your child!"

"Awesome! Parents/nannies learn just as much as the kids; and it's really fun!"

"I feel more connected by having fun and learning together."