" I thought the workshop was excellent.  I particularly appreciated the notion that the quality of the attachment is the primary determinant of the effectiveness of a parent in influencing their child.  The most interesting idea I took from this last class was the idea that, when a child says "NO!", what they're really saying is, "Not until I feel connected- I need to know you love me by your actions before I'll accept your suggestions."  This is an absolutely transformative idea.  That the "no" is NOT necessarily about the specific request, but is rather a signal that the relationship needs some attention.  I also really like the assignment to write down the values that I want (child) to develop and live by.  It is a good reminder to be intentional with him, and with myself in my actions (as he's learning by imitation.)  Your seminar was a great introduction to the best research-based ideas and literature about the concept of  "attachment parenting."

Attachment and Bonding Workshop Parent

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